What Is Shock Wave Therapy?

Clashing against the name NO ELECTRIC SHOCKS ARE USED in this treatment. Instead sound is the active ingredient in this innovative therapy.

shock wave therapy in wimbledon done on achilles and plantar fascia

What's The Shock All About?

Superfast acoustic (sound) waves are known as shock waves. The naming convention is because the sound pulse delivers a quick drumming sensation that shocks & stimulates the tissues into healing.

If you have ever felt the air near a base speaker, you may have felt air push as each musical beat is played through the speaker. The pulse felt when nearby is a physical feeling from the sound! Imagine that physical nature amplified - wow! These are shockwave, and they are indeed nothing to do with electrical shocks.

What Exactly Does It Do

The sound from the shock wave devices creates a pressure change within the treatment area. BUT WHY?

This change in pressure wakes the bodies metabolism up and kick starts repair without damaging tissue.

In the cases of weak calcification bonds (tight cords and fascia around the ankle and heel), it will break this tightness down selectively but again not harm the body (kidney stones is where a variation of this treatment has been successful & you will probably know someone who has had this therapy for these calcification rocks).

What Types Of Shock Waves Are There

Our type of shock wave therapy is known as ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock wave Therapy). In ESWT medical sounds waves are created outside of the body and applied to targeted points under the skin say into the plantar fascial or Achilles ankle cords without injuring the body's surface skin.

Within the ESWT umbrella, you have two types again:

types of shock wave therapy
    Skin Skipping | Painless

Regardless of the type of ESWT chosen this drumming is the "magic" that stimulates tissues to heal and is one of the best treatment choices for the foot and ankle.

With little downtime and little risk, it truly is a great option.

And as we offer both types:

You can be sure we are a great place to choose to have your shock wave therapy in London.

Radial shock wave therapy is fairly common now and there are even some cheap devices from china in some London Clinics, ask CE markings to check supplier/ manufacture is legit if you are wondering why there is a difference, in cost, across some providers.

But if you would like to know more about the Focused type of shock wave therapy

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