Turf Toe

Turf toe is a common name for capsulitis of the base of the big toe.

It is a ligament condition just like a twisted ankle but limited to the structure of the big toe. There is normally the catalyst of the injury, although it can happen from repetitive strain.

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The injury can happen from sudden extreme bending of the big toe joint. the bending may happen from pushing off the toes into a turf hole or small ditch, trampoline or springboard

Equally, we have seen subdivisions in martial artist, boxers and dancers who spend much time on toes while twisting.

Treatment Of Turf Toe (Big Toe Pain)

Treating turf toes is principally accomplished by stabilising the injuries joint, but we also have some healing stimulation therapies.

We typically provide a specialised orthotic prescription to reduce bending stresses on the injured toe and couple this with healing stimulation and rehabilitation programme to help recovery.

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