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Turf Toe - Big Toe Pain Treatment Wimbledon

The turf toe is a common name for capsulitis of the base of the big toe. But may also be called:

Big Toe Joint Pain | Hallux Rigidus & Valgus

Big toe pain/ Hallux Rididus comes from an injury commonly on a bouncy or bumpy surface (turf) and is a ligament condition just like a twisted ankle but limited to the structure of the big toe and typically at the base.

There is usually the catalyst of the injury, although it can happen from repetitive strain.

turf toe pain at base of big toe treatment wimbledon london

It is often confused for bunion pain or 'stubbed' toe. It is different as the pain typically comes at the top or bottom of the ball of the big toe instead of at the outside, which happens more often from bunion formation, which can be painful without being bulbous.

Please look at our bunion treatment pages or contact us if you feel you are unsure whether you have a bunion or turf toe pain.

The injury can happen from sudden extreme bending of the big toe joint. The big toe bending may occur from pushing off the toes into a turf hole or small ditch, trampoline or springboard.

Equally, we have seen subdivisions in martial artists, boxers, and dancers who spend much time on their toes while twisting.

Treatment Of Turf Toe (Big Toe Pain)

Treating turf toes is principally accomplished by stabilising the injured joint, but we also have some healing stimulation therapies.

We typically provide a specialised orthotic prescription to reduce bending stresses on the injured toe and couple this with a healing stimulation and rehabilitation programme to help recovery.

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