Radial Shock Wave Therapy

Within the treatments known as Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, AKA the best-known treatments for many complaints of the foot, the RADIAL type of Shock Wave Therapy exists.

This type of shock wave therapy works like a WIFi signal. Radial Shock Wave therapy most effective at its source which means it stimulates the repair of tissues that can be positioned closes to its source.

So anything with thin skin surrounding the injured issues (heel bone) is great. But something with lots of muscle, like a hip, is not the best for this type of shock wave therapy.

We certainly offer both types at the London foot pain clinic, based in Wimbledon. But we have noticed substantially better results with our Focused type of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

Traits Of Radial Shock Wave Therapy

Radial Shock Wave Therapy devices tend to look like guns, typically about 20 cm long.

This long shape is because they have a projectile that rapidly slamsĀ itself against the applicator top. This projectile stays inside the handpiece but is essential to create a sound wave or shock wave that emanatesĀ from the applicator.

This design has issued as the projectile slowly gets deformed, and the units require regular maintenance. The deforming/ slow wear-and-tear can mean that a client can have inconsistent results. Additionally, the results will vary depending on how old the handpieces projectile is when they have their radial shock wave session.