Orthotic Fitting Centre

Orthotic Fitting Centre (Custom Prescriptions)

Our custom Orthotic insoles are prescribed by our clinical professionals. Each practitioner specialises in orthotic insole prescription & unlike most clinics, these professionals have a broader understanding of the whole lower limb and the ability to treat these complaints as well.  

We aim to fix the cause of your pain not just hide it.

Our Custom Prescription Orthotic range deals with a variety of painful conditions.

Fitting Process

  • Each orthotic is prescribed at consultation where you will be measured and analysed (we pride ourselves in taking foot width and well as length to ensure a great fit).
  • Once your Orthotic is made you will be called for a fitting in the shoes, you intend to wear. This is essential to see if any secondary changes are needed as a tweak.

Orthotic insoles can be given for individual stabilisation of the foot. However, at the London Foot Pain Clinic, we prefer to promote independence from the orthotics with foot rehabilitation and treatment. This should be discussed at consultation as to which route is right for you.

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