Foot Therapy Prices In Wimbledon, London

Consultation (in-clinic) - £65

A plan is required before embarking on any treatment, but on our side, we have to evaluate your condition to make sure you fit our expectations of good to excellent results. While we can never be 100% on everything, the consultation process helps us root out clients that may be better served with the treatment we don't offer. The consultation process is also integral for private medical insurance to cover your care. Please note that personal medical often won't let us treat your condition on the same day as the consult as we can submit invoices on the same day

Quick Chat - £15

Some people want to speak to a practitioner first, make sure we think we can help them. While this isn't always possible until we have seen you, with a verbal description of your complaint with some health details, we can ensure you are on the right road with care from us.

The cost (£15) of the quick chat AKA Foot Pain Tele-Consult, is taken off the total consult fee should you be asked to come in for a physical evaluation. NOTE: An online medical history form link will be sent to you upon booking; compete for this before chatting to get the most out of the session.

Shock Wave Therapy Cost & Shock Wave Therapy Prices In Wimbledon London

Focused Shock Wave Therapy (Package) - £349 for 3 session

3 session on single limb/ area (average needed)

3 sessions of Focused Shock wave Therapy at £349 paid upfront. works out at £116 per session

Radial Shock Wave Therapy (Package) - £99 For 1 Session

Single sessions of cost Radial Shock wave Therapy at £99, an average of 3-4 sessions. the technology is different to the focused therapy type, and this is reflected in the cost.

Averages Need May Change Per Individual

The average amount may vary by complexity and chronicity (length of time suffering). You should also note that Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, or ESWT, not only selectively breaks up adhesion but also stimulates your natural healing response. With that stimulation in mind, a more mature case may require more sessions over a client suffering through slightly fewer birthdays. This is typically due to a mature healing response being innately slower, but this doesn't always follow. We regularly see clients hitting the average session required regardless of age or health status.

However, for these cases where bouncing back is slower, we offer a bolt approach for the focused type of ESWT, and further sessions after 3 (if needed) are only £99 for additional investment in sessions.

Orthotic (stability) In-soles Cost Wimbledon

Medical Grade Orthotics - £65

Prescription based Orthotic inserts

Single pain of prescription orthotic inserts is just £65, these come with our fitting promise. We action the build at the lab in Germany, and your orthotics arrive within 48hrs to 5 days; we typically fit them within the week post consult.

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