Our Treatment Philosophy 

While we focus on plantar fasciitis we also treat a number of other foot pain conditions that relate to the function of the foot. whether your suffering from Achilles tendonitis (heel cord pain), Ankle Swelling, Sore Toes, Flat Feet, Twisted Ankle, Mortons Neuroma or just discomfort in the foot ankle or shin. We have you in hand with our tailored treatment process.

"We discuss each foot pain case with you and you decide which route of treatment suits your severity and budget best"

foot pain treatment journey at london foot pain clinic

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Moving is our greatest love and your feet keeping you dancing and running towards the things you love.

Reach your goals and be the best you can be with our combined expert skills, passion and our world-class equipment to deliver distinction in foot pain care.

Our three-point exam means you get the best diagnosis. Which informs further treatment choices, eventual outcomes and fast recovery.

This is all done while also providing physical rehab, using a digital prescription.

This added support throughout the treatment journey means you can rest assured we can help you restore your feet towards to the time when your daily pursuits were pain-free!

Treatment Journey

  • Our 3 Point Exam - includes Scan, Clinical Exam & X-ray

    Three Point Exam

    Detail = Success

  • We offer a full verbal report of findings post exam

    Report Of Findings

    Enlighten & Understand

  • Rehab Exercise For Foot Pain - London Foot Pain Clinic



  • Relief

    Inspire Healing

  • Stability taping and orthotics are prescribed


    Halt Wobbles

  • women back to running due to care at the london foot pain clinic


    Bounce Back

Our Location

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1 St Andrews Close, Wimbledon, London, SW19 8NJ

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Orthotic Fitting Centre (Custom Prescriptions)

Our custom Orthotic insoles are prescribed by our clinical professionals. Each practitioner specialises in orthotic insole prescription & unlike most clinics, these professionals have a broader understanding of the whole lower limb and the ability to treat these complaints as well.  

We aim to fix the cause of your pain not just hide it.

Our Custom Prescription Orthotic range deals with a variety of painful conditions.

Fitting Process

  • Each orthotic is prescribed at consultation where you will be measured and analysed (we pride ourselves in taking foot width and well as length to ensure a great fit).
  • Once your Orthotic is made you will be called for a fitting in the shoes, you intend to wear. This is essential to see if any secondary changes are needed as a tweak.

Orthotic insoles can be given for individual stabilisation of the foot. However, at the London Foot Pain Clinic, we prefer to promote independence from the orthotics with foot rehabilitation and treatment. This should be discussed at consultation as to which route is right for you.

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The Journey Of Plantar Fasciitis:

The body is continually adapting to the demands we place on it. Skin gets thicker if we use our hands a lot (manual worker) and muscles get stronger if we train them.

The stitching that connects the heel bone to the toes is called the plantar fascia, and it too can harden with extra stress (poor footwear choice, old trauma, genetics or running).  It becomes reinforced by the body (adaption) to cope with this additional stress:

Thickening Phase

If you have an unforgiving thick fascia & then walk or run a repetitive yank on the underside of the heel is amplified. This increase is due to the elastic elements of the cord being removed by the body (more stiffness = less bounce). this often happens without any pain or even symptoms.

Yanking Phase

A period normally above the norm for the individual of either the arch dropping (poor shoe support, walking on unstable ground i.e sand/ wet mud) or excessive time on toes increases the pull through this now stiff cord. The yanking leads to inflammation of the plantar fascia on the underside heel.

Pain Phase

This is inflammation and pain is termed medically as plantar fasciitis.

Treatments That Soften The Fascia:

While classic methods of softening and stretching i.e massage and stretching are first employed many people don't respond. Our groundbreaking plantar fasciitis management “shockwave therapy” softens the fascia in a quick non-invasive 15-30 minute treatment. 

The softening effect of the sound waves gets to the cause of the problem with good results in 70-80%, depending on different studies, or suffering it is the top choice for heel pain hurt.

We then combine this with medical insoles to retain the pain-free state as well as giving our tried and tested exercise and education protocols for long term independence from discomfort.

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