The heel cord at the back of the ankle is named after the Greek demi-god Achilles. It is the strongest tendon in the body but its name is a reference to the injury that lead to Achilles' demise;  Unlike the warrior Achilles pain traditionally comes from a simple yank or a repetitive arch drop when landing. Both complaints can cause chronic discomfort these are often described as tightness through to sharp pain. Yanks or tendon pulls are hard to control but the repetitive arch drop (foot over-pronation) is easy to stop.

Tendonitis is, simply put, inflammation of a tendon and inflammation means damage. If you have been diagnosed with Achilles tednonitis it means you have damaged your Achilles tendon and it need to heal correctly. At the London Foot Pain Clinic we first give you a three point exam and then put you on a special Achilles Protocol which is sometimes combined with more powerful therapy if needed.

To start this process is easy just request a call back using the Contact Us part of the menu and someone will call.

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