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 Shockwave Therapy For Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis gets amazing results with our Achilles treatment Protocol and rehab programme. Each module of therapy is written for your specific type of Achilles tendonitis. 

However, three groups fail to recover even with this conservative approach, if you are in these group we will elevate you to the next stage of therapy:

  • Tried and failed - If you have tried this approach at another clinic we are not going to waste your time again but more you onto our Shock Wave Therapy protocol (click to read more). However, sometimes the protocol was not properly explained which can be the cases if the sessions were rushed.
  • The condition is over 2 months old - Unfortunately, pain takes hold and your body forms a kind of addiction to the painful state. This means you're less likely to respond to this conservative protocol alone.
  • You are in too much pain - it gives you pain when doing the exercises so you don't want to do them.

We use a treatment called Shock Wave Therapy to treat your Achilles Tendon crisis and results are amazing!

"Over 80% of our Achilles patients finding significant relief from shock wave therapy, it’s a small wonder it has been called the magic wand to Achilles pain."

If you have Achilles pain and want to get it sorted a consultation and our three-point exam are the next things to do. Just click on Contact Us and request a callback