Why do Kids get severs disease?

Why do Kids get Sever's disease?

Severs Disease has its roots in overuse of the calf muscle, but a child's active bone growth complicates the recovery. 

The Achilles tendon (heel cord) pulls on the heel that is in a growing phase, like someone pulling your hair. The constant tugging annoys the bone (scalp) creating a pain in the heel.

This pain typically ascends into the heel cord, and calf muscle of the child as the syndrome worsens. Up to now, the treatment was rest, but for an active child, this can be a source of unhappiness, and hard to enforce.

The Wimbledon-based Foot Pain Clinic offers an emerging therapy called Shock Wave Therapy, which is a sound-wave therapy and non-electrical.

It can significantly reduce symptoms and on one-month follow-up shows 90% pain relief with the other 10% commonly associated with a tight calf rather than the heel pain. 

In the clinical studies, the effectiveness of this therapy on Sever’s disease results have shown significant improvement in more than 80% of suffers.

This ratio of recovery also fits with the results seen by Sever's disease patients that come to the London Foot Pain Clinic.

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