Over-Pronation (Flat Feet)

Flat feet or overpronation is a sly condition that slowly happens.

For many, it's a silent condition that shows few signs until manifesting as either plantar fasciitis, bunion or ankle discomfort.

Amazingly, people can run on it without any knowledge, and in fact, we have seen clients run full marathons. So while over-pronation is important to process to halt is certainly doesn't mean you have to stop.

The first personal sign is some puffiness on the outside of the ankle, although it can be inside as well. Still, this inside discomfort typically comes with pain.

Clinically we notice changes inside the arch of the foot 

To have over-pronation, the foot either has flattened, is going through a process of flattening or is flattening on impact (hopping, jumping, leaping and bounding).

flat feet over pronation treatment

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