The journey of plantar fasciitis:

The body is constantly adapting to the demands we place on it. Skin gets thicker if we use our hands a lot (manual worker) and muscles get stronger if we train them.

The stitching that connects the heel bone to the toes is called the plantar fascia and it too can harden with extra stress (poor foot wear choice, old trauma, genetics or running).  It becomes reinforced by the body (adaption) to cope with this extra stress: Thickening phase.

If you have an unforgiving thick fascia then walk or run a repetitive yank on the underside of the heel is created.  The yanking leads to inflammation of the plantar fascia on the underside heel. This is inflammation and pain is termed medically as plantar fasciitis.

Our ground breaking plantar fasciitis management “shockwave therapy” softens the fascia in a quick non-invasive 15-30 minute treatment.  The softening effect of the sound waves gets to the cause of the problem with good results in 80% of suffers it is the top choice for heel pain suffers .

We then combine this with medical insoles to retain the pain free state as well as giving our tried and tested exercise and education protocols for long term independence from discomfort.

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