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foot pain Treatment In wimbledon book consult for plantar fascia

Foot Pain Consult - £65

Evaluation clinically of your foot pain generators, ability analysis combined with scans when required - taping and rehab are often included in this session, and this would be sufficient to evaluate for further therapies like ESWT (Shock Wave Therapy) of more in-depth scans (x-ray or MRI) if required

foot pain Treatment In wimbledon book consult for plantar fascia

Radial Shock Wave Therapy
Consult- £65

Evaluation of your foot, ankle and shin pain generators, ability analysis. This is done as a prospect for further treatment using ESWT (shock wave therapy) and will cover all contradictions to ensure it's a safe indication.

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Evaluation of more in-depth scans (X-ray or MRI), if accessible, is typically possible here, but previous reports and films should be sourced and provided to make this possible within the time.
This consult session will help plan your course of Radial-ESWT and target your foot syndrome's painful spots. Clients who book into ESWT CONSULT will typically have been diagnosed by a professional or through a scan; if they have self-diagnosed normal foot pain, a consultation may be better, but make a note on digital booking & make the practitioner aware that you have interest in ESWT

focused shock wave therapy for plantar fasciitis

Focused Shock Wave Therapy
Consult- £65

Appointment for evaluating foot, ankle, and shin pain sources and assessing eligibility for Focused ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) treatment, ensuring safety & considering further steps. Pre-care plan will also be given to ensure best response to F-ESWT.

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Evaluation with advanced scans (X-ray or MRI) is available, but please provide previous reports and films for a timely assessment. This ESWT consult session will help tailor your ESWT plan to target specific painful areas in your foot syndrome.
If you have 'self-diagnosed' general foot pain, consider a specific FOOT PAIN consultation instead; this session is typically for those with a professional diagnosis or scan. A NOTE ON DIGITAL BOOKING ABOUT INTEREST IN ESWT CAN BE MADE ON FOOT PAIN CONSULT

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